Happy childhood in spirit of hate
Tomorrow the hatred will concern you

About the project website was created as part of a joint project of Xenophobia Prevention Initiative and Open Armenia, with the support of Save the Future of Our Children, a project by

The fight against hatred propaganda and aggressive xenophobia has become one of the central problems brought up for discussion at international meetings of various levels. Despite all the efforts and the presence of a number of worldwide and European projects to protect national, human and moral dignity, the number of fascist and nationalist organizations does not decrease, they in fact do not become less active, and the level of violence based on racism and ethnic hatred does not fall. Moreover, we witness the ideology of extreme and aggressive nationalism and ideas of fanatical hatred for entire peoples becoming basic postulates of state propaganda. So, the problems of fighting this evil are not only unresolved, but are not even thoroughly comprehended and formulated.

The topic we address – systemic, deliberate and purposeful policy of the Republic of Azerbaijan to educate the children in the spirit of hatred and aggressive xenophobia – reveals the deep roots and disturbing perspective of long-term negative vector aimed at fueling the conflict and transforming the existing political and humanitarian problems into a continuous ethnic and religious, moral and cultural and military confrontation.

As is known, children and the rising generation are the most sensitive, ideologically compliant and at the same time passionary part of any society.

Our study focuses on the system and content of educational and upbringing process in Azerbaijan, school and preschool institutions, textbooks and learning aids, literature (prose and poetry), essays, children's tales, songs, games, artwork, as well as television and Internet.

While examining, studying, analyzing and translating a huge number of materials, we tried to be as objective as possible, to expose to the reader, without any comments, the original pieces of all above mentioned means of teaching, education and propaganda.

By demonstrating, objectively and thoroughly, the depth and degree of hatred cultivated in Azerbaijan, hatred which is faceted and raised to the level of fundamental features of self-identity, by publishing and bringing to your attention tales, stories, verses and poems, performances and installations, where the key idea is to create the image of "evil" in children's minds in the person of the Armenians and the entire Armenian people, presented in an undisguised and at the same time horrible form ("nation with Satan's blood," "nation with a mud mix running in its veins," "foul Armenians," "dirty and loathsome essence of the Armenians," etc.), we aimed, first of all, to create conditions for counteraction to the replication and forcing of the relevant views and prejudices on the mass consciousness of the rising generation.

Our project aims to demonstrate the conditions and definitions of education of the contemporary Azerbaijani youth and the values cultivated in the generation called to live and build peaceful relations with its neighbors.

All the statements made by the Azerbaijani authorities from high rostra about their commitment to peace, tolerance and their calls for a joint living are broken against the theses cultivated in children: hatred, creation of an image of the Armenian as an eternal enemy, and impossibility of co-existence.

All wars end in peace, sooner or later, and our children will have to build a common future with those educated on that culture – tales, songs, proverbs and games.

Isn't the disapproval and rejection of such "cultivation" the right start to embark on the difficult path towards peace?

Do we want such friends for our children?