Happy childhood in spirit of hate
Tomorrow the hatred will concern you


Hasan-bek Zardabi Hasan-bek Zardabi

Real surname – Melikov; June 28, 1837, or 1842, Zardob – November 28, 1907, Baku. Azerbaijani enlightener and publicist.

- Hasan - bek Zardabi about national ideology, published in January 1906 year.

Banin (Umm el-Banu Miza kyzy Assadullayeva) Banin (Umm el-Banu Miza kyzy Assadullayeva)

French and Azerbaijani writer and memoirist of Azerbaijani origin. She was born in 1905 in the family of the Baku millionaire Shamsi Asadullaev. Grandfather on her mother's side was another famous Baku millionaire Musa Nagiyev. After 1920, Banine lived and worked in emigration in France. It is noteworthy that nowhere Banin calls herself Azerbaijani and does not use that word in her novel, calling the modern Azerbaijanis either Tatars or Turks.

- Slaughter of the Armenians and dismemberment of Tamar

Khalil Rza Uluturk Khalil Rza Uluturk

National poet of Azerbaijan. By special Order of Heydar Aliyev, the poet was elevated to the rank of national hero. Streets were named after him in the international and tolerant Baku, a special scholarship named in his honor was established for students of the Pedagogical University.
He was buried in the Alley of Honor.

- Rus

Chingiz Huseynov Chingiz Huseynov

Mehdi Huseyn (pseudonym; real name Mehdi Ali oglu Huseynov), Soviet Azerbaijani writer and critic. Historical and revolutionary stories, tales; novels "Absheron" (1947), "Morning" (part 1-2, 1950-53), "Black Rocks" (1957), "Underground waters flow to the ocean" (1966 edition), plays. USSR State Award (1950).

- Fatal Fatali

Vahid Gazi Vahid Gazi

Azerbaijani journalist, author of a series of articles "The Cuban book" . He worked in Presidential Administration newspapers "Adalat", "Azerbaijan". He was the publisher of magazines «III Sector", "Free Will".

- Reflections on genocide

Elkhan Zeynalli (Qaraqan) Elkhan Zeynalli (Qaraqan)

A talented young writer, famous rapper, author of two books – "A" and "If I had a million dollars." Presidential scholarship holder. In 2008, he was recognized as the Young Man of the year by the Ministry of Youth and Sports. Member of the Writers' Union. Winner of the First National Book Award. Soloist of the group H.O.S.T.

- Armenian
Mirmehti Aghaoghly Mirmehti Aghaoghly

Young Azerbaijani writer and publicist. Author of two books. Laureate of the literary award for 2011.

- Armenian inside myself
Masud Makhmudov Masud Makhmudov

Doctor of philological sciences, professor, deputy director of the Nasimi Institute of linguistics of the National Academy of Sciences of Azerbaijan.

- Reviewof the book Hale by Alisahib Erogul
Gazanfar Kazimov Gazanfar Kazimov

Doctor of philological sciences, professor

- Review of the book Hale by Alisahib Erogul
Alisahib Erogul (Israfilzade Alisahib Giyas oglu) Alisahib Erogul (Israfilzade Alisahib Giyas oglu)

Well-known writer and publicist, author of children's stories and textbooks for secondary schools

- Will the storks come back to their nests?
- Input data, announcement and preface of Alisahib Erogul's book Hale
Bahadur Gobustan Bahadur Gobustan

Young azerbaijani poet

- Object-Subject
Gunay Novruz Gunay Novruz

Young Azerbaijani writer, poet, publicist, anchor of a program. Published in major outlets. Author of storybooks. A talented, dynamic and energetic woman.

- Grandfather's deadly lesson
Jabir Novruz Jabir Novruz

National poet of Azerbaijan, Honored Art Worker, secretary of the Writers' Union of Azerbaijan. Holder of scholarship named in honor of the President of Azerbaijan.

- Three-year-old Asker
Fikret Sadykh Fikret Sadykh

Famous Azerbaijani poet and publicist, member of the Writers' Union, Honored Art Worker, laureate of the State Award of the Republic

- Fire
Ali Samedli Ali Samedli

Outstanding Azerbaijani children's writer and dramatist, known under the pseudonym "Grandfather-storyteller." He has 40 books and 33 dramatic works. Member of the Writers' Union of Azerbaijan, laureate of numerous awards. In honor of his 80th birthday, manuals were published, from some of which the working group of draws out information.

- Piece of land
Nofel Adalet Nofel Adalet

Shirinov Nofel Adalet oghly (Nofel Adalet)- ("Writer, journalist, editor of the newspaper Visim Syoz Our word")

- Murder at delivery ward
Sevinj Parvan Sevinj Parvana

Azerbaijani children's writer

- A talk on the run
Malahat Aghajanqizi Malahat Aghajanqizi

Azerbaijani writer,'s journalist

- Mother Azerbaijan and Cat Ermenistan
Shirin Kerimbeyli Shirin Kerimbeyli

Poetess, a member of the Writers' Union of Azerbaijan, head of the department of the newspaper Credo and contributor of the newspaper Unified Azerbaijan.
Awards: The highest literary award "Araz", Honorary Diploma after Mehsheti Gyaenjevi, title Conscientious Pen, literary award "Sacred Pen," Literary Award of Turkey, Award "For the Homeland."
- Ahriman of the globe
Shabnam Kheyrulla Shabnam Kheyrulla

Young, well-known writer, publicist, dramatist and active columnist of the portal Gundelik Baku. Author of the play 'My hostile Toy,' which won the First Nationwide Theater Festival for children and youth on the topic "patriotism." Collections of her short stories for children are recommended as chrestomathies for the primary school pupils.
- Spy
- Nations stimulating us to gain victories
- Shabnam's thoughts about Armenians
- Enmity in Azerbaijani way
- My enemy toy
Yusif Kerimov Yusif Kerimov

Writer, publicist, dramatist. He worked at the newspaper Baku, was the editor-in-chief of AzTV. Member of the Writers' Union of Azerbaijan, laureate of the "Golden Pen" (for journalistic activity) and the National Award "Memory" for his novels and a series of stories for children.

- Armenian lullaby
Fahreddin Hajibeyli Fahreddin Hajibeyli

Journalist, Germany

- Armenians and Muslims
Vusala Mammadova Vusala Mammadova


- Times when the waters ran heavily and the smiles sprang
Gyulzar Ibrahimova Gyulzar Ibrahimova

Azerbaijani children's writer, editor-in-chief of the journal Bala Dili, chairwoman of the Public Union for Support to Children's Education Kicik Dunya, contributor of the outlet ANS PRESS.
- Three admonitions
- Forgive me, my Sona

Aygyun Bal Aygyun Bal

Azerbaijani writer, author of "Goose and Pigeon", a fairy tale for preschool children. Her biggest dream is that Azerbaijani children grow up smart and happy.

Eluja Ataly Eluja Ataly

Azerbaijani children's writer, currently lives in Sweden and works at the Red Cross.

- Explanations for little Fidan

Uzeir Hajibekov Uzeir Hajibekov

Soviet and Azerbaijani composer, musicologist, teacher, musical and public figure, publicist, National artist of the USSR. Ethnic Lezgin.

- Our misfortune is rooted in ummah
- Barakallah to your Teacher!
- How we do things
Mirza Jalil Jalil Huseynkuli oghly Mamedkulizadeh (Mirza Jalil)

Azerbaijani enlightener and satirist.

- Sermon of akhund and priest
- Two pillows side by side