Happy childhood in spirit of hate
Tomorrow the hatred will concern you

Through the Looking Glass

by Azerbaijani writer Gulzar Ibrahimova
to participants of Open Armenia Worldwide Armenian Forum
(the writer’s style is preserved)

Hello! I am writer Gulzar Ibrahimova. Alas, my homeland is yours too. While discussing my works, you accuse me of chauvinism. Perhaps you will understand me when you read my ADDRESS. I send the ADDRESS in the form I wrote it, without a translation. You make a literary translation. If it is not difficult for you to translate, post the translation on the website.

We have been enemies throughout history. Meanwhile, throughout the same history, we, forgetting insults, got reconciled with one another, made friends, ate at one table, sang the same songs, listened to the same music and even created families. 

When we quarreled, we could not separate our dishes (pots) and when we sang, we could not separate the songs. Heeding to the admonitions of the elders, we lived in peace and friendship.

Nowadays also, despite the ongoing hostility, among those living beyond the boundaries of our countries there are some people who continue their friendship, either openly or secretly.

There are also some Armenians who have changed their nationality with fake documents and live in our city together with us. However, the modern history shows that although we get reconciled with one another on paper, we can never get reconciled in our hearts! There should be a wall between us, higher than the Great Wall of China.

War has its rules – to destroy the enemy in the battlefield. But it is inadmissible, unforgivable and far from universal values to kill people by torturing them and causing distress and anguish. If the history has repeated itself more than once, no one can guarantee that it will not repeat itself again.

While discussing my works on OPEN ARMENIA WORLDWIDE ARMENIAN FORUM, you call me a chauvinist and accuse me of offending the entire Armenian people.

A writer accusing the entire people only humiliates himself. A conscious person will never allow himself to accuse the entire people. In my works, I only call on the children of my people to be alert and keep away from the Armenians1.

In my works, I conceal many of the things that you rained down on our heads for many of your actions do not fit into the notion of man and humaneness.

And this is despite the fact that Zori Balayan writes about the tortures of a 13-year-old Turkic child: “I particularly enjoyed these tortures”2.

A person like him is pitiable! A person capable of thinking. Shame on him! People like him, like cancer, spread the specter of fear and death all around. And the number of bad people increases.

The evil powers inside us lead both us and others to ruin. The demons inside you, becoming stronger, give you torments and do not let you live.

Stand up at last! Look around, condemn those who seek war. No sultan, no shah could take with them to the world of the righteous either wealth or land.

Wars can change the borders, but they can’t change humaneness. 

In the far and recent past, great Nizami Ganjavi3, Fizuli4, Hovhannes Tumanyan5, Avetik Isahakyan6, Shota Rustaveli7, who called for peace and humaneness, became favorites of the peoples of the world and are beloved up to this day.

But the bad ones were erased from people’s memory and from earth. Humaneness triumphed and will triumph.

I am not a politician, I am a writer who wishes peace not only to her people, but also to the whole world, a small writer!

Below, I say “NO” to war and bloodshed:

What is the mystery of human birth, what is the mystery? 
What is the mystery, he ages so fast, what is the mystery?
Born today, he dies tomorrow, what is the mystery?
What is the secret, everything changes, what is the mystery?
Why isn’t the sun eternal in the sky?
Why does the world plunge into darkness every evening?
Why does the earth shake, why?
Why does the black earth swallow people?
Why do the seas and oceans seethe?
Why do the high waves move towards us with hatred?
What is the reason why the world fills and becomes empty, what is the reason?
What is the reason why everything disappears suddenly, what is the reason?
In the name of what do people make war, in the name of what?
In the name of what do the earth and the sky flame in the fire?
Why are tears and blood shed for a piece of land, why?
If the earth goes under water, on what will we stay, tell me on what?


1 "Listen and remember, my son, the Armenians are our deadly enemies. Don't leave the enemy unavenged! If you meet an Armenian, even in the most civilized country in the world, treat him like a creature that drank the blood of your people! >>>
2 Mrs Ibrahimova appeals to a non-existent book which the Azerbaijani propaganda ascribes to Zori Balayan. No one has ever seen the book. It “exists” in the form of quotes. The Azerbaijanis quoting it have so far failed to present even a scanned version of the book.
3 Nizami Ganjavi – classic of Persian poetry, one of the greatest poets of medieval East
4 Fizuli – 16th-century poet and thinker from Iraq which was at that time part of the state of Ak-Koyunlu, and later the state of Sefevids and Ottoman Empire. Various sources call him an Azerbaijani, Ottoman or Turkish poet.
5 Hovhannes Tumanyan – Armenian poet, writer and public figure
6Avetik Isahakyan – Soviet Armenian poet, prose writer and publicist
7Shota Rustaveli – 12th-century Georgian statesman and poet, author of epic poem TheKnight in the Panther's Skin