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Internet gives Azerbaijani children access to world of sex and violence – Ministry of Internal Affairs
By М.Aliyev.

Azerbaijan, Baku, April 16, Trend correspondent M. Aliyev

“Children’s interest in social networks increases day by day and becomes unhealthy. With the majority of the youth using social networks to increase their knowledge and capabilities, some children visit famous social networks such as Facebook, Odnoklassniki and Twitter to watch erotic and pornographic materials, something that has a negative impact on their mental, psychological and moral development,” Aliyev said. 

In his words, young girls, taking advantage of the lack of parental control, fall under the influence of representatives of the opposite sex and get acquainted and communicate with them on the Internet. Such acquaintances eventually result in sexual violence and these girls in time become victims of trafficking.

184 crimes related to violence against children were recorded in Baku in 2011. Out of them, 44 were related to beating, 21 to sexual relationship with underage persons and other sexual assaults, 34 to road accidents, 14 to hooliganism, 10 to intentional infliction of harm to health, etc.

A total of 33 cases of violence against children were registered in the first quarter of the year, Aliyev said.