Happy childhood in spirit of hate
Tomorrow the hatred will concern you

Through the Looking Glass

Excerpt from interview with young heroine of performance within framework of youth festival on topic of patriotism

– Let us talk about the performance.

– The performance combines the events of 1918 and mainly the 1990s. An Azerbaijani mother smothers and kills her child so that he will not cry and the Armenians will not find her. The main goal is to show the atrocities and savagery of the Armenians. We tried to accomplish it by means of a pantomime.

– Could you kill your own child if you were in the place of that mother?

– The honor and courage of an Azerbaijani woman is shown here. In our performance, a mother with a child on her hands heroically withstands the enemy and does not submit to it. If I were in a situation like this, I would kill my own child without hesitation.

– Do you think it is patriotism?

– Patriotism is love for your flag and your land. If you are a patriot, you should be ready to fight for your flag and die for your flag. As regards your question, yes, if by smothering my child I would do good to my homeland, if my friends and compatriots stay alive, then why not kill?

– Would you like to play the part of an Armenian woman?

– Yes, that is my biggest wish. I would like to play the part of an Armenian woman to show the world who the Armenians are and how cruel that nation is.