Happy childhood in spirit of hate
Tomorrow the hatred will concern you

Through the Looking Glass

«Libraries full of hate: from Azerbaijan to Georgia»

Azerbaijan has been supplying Georgian libraries with books containing hate speech against Armenians. While the libraries don’t see them as a problem, some Azerbaijani Georgians fear they might help plant the seeds of ethnic tension.

«Azerbaijani website's reaction to publication in»

The publication of the story Love of Ermen – Shushanik by Mahir Gabiloglu, as it turned out, a popular Azerbaijani writer, on our website was followed by an immediate reaction from portal:

«From the article-reflection of activist of Nida youth movement Umud Khazarа»

I remember that as a child, under the influence of an absurd propaganda, I imagined the Armenians as one-eyed Cyclops, cannibals with long beards, with inventive parents frightening their children who did not want to sleep not with bogeyman stories, but with … the Armenians, and it has not changed so far.

Those living with a dream about war measure their manliness with the degree of demonstration of hatred for the Armenians…

«What does the Azerbaijani intelligentsia think about website?»

The dishonest Armenians, dying of hunger, did a huge work. Look, from our classics to modern writer-publicists, they included everything and put it to the service of their own ideology and propaganda. The translations are high quality. The reason that our neighbors surpassed us again is that we do not have any high-level children’s websites. I regret very much that the first one who sounded the alarm was a female writer and not the Writers Union of Azerbaijan that preferred keeping silent

«Armenian provocation against Azerbaijani writer »

To be honest, I was very surprised to see that my stories, plays and newspaper publications, in Russian translation, are published on that website. I immediately wanted to know by whom the website was created. With the first impression being that the website is created by the Azerbaijani side, a more or less attentive user can easily determine that all this is yet another trick by the Armenian side.

«Three generations of Azerbaijanis on Lachin and the Armenians"»

When we take it back. The time has come and we will gradually get what we want. When I grow up, I will be brave like Mubariz and will return our lands. If an Armenian child falls into my hands, I will kill him. I will do everything they did in Khojaly. I have hatred for them in my heart.

«Address by Azerbaijani writer Gulzar Ibrahimova to participants
of Open Armenia Worldwide Armenian Forum»

Hello! I am writer Gulzar Ibrahimova. Alas, my homeland is yours too. While discussing my works, you accuse me of chauvinism. Perhaps you will understand me when you read my ADDRESS. I send the ADDRESS in the form I wrote it, without a translation. You make a literary translation. If it is not difficult for you to translate, post the translation on the website.

«Turcs as enemies in Armenian Textbooks»

Studies show that there are only two peoples in the world who bring up their children in the spirit of hatred for their neighboring peoples. One of these peoples is the Jews and the other is the Armenians: “The Jews sing such lullabies: “Grow up, grow up, kill the Arabs,” while the Armenians tell their children from the cradle: “The Turks are your enemies,” “The Turks have drunk your blood”

«Another Armenian mean act: new website for children»

Note that the website features works by Azerbaijani writers, publicists, tales about the Armenians, Azerbaijani proverbs and sayings of negative character about the peoples of Azerbaijan: Lezghins, Kurds, Armenians, Tats, etc., as well as information about crimes against children and criminal reports.

«Heydar Aliyev through the eyes of schoolchildren»

“Heydar Aliyev – founder of modern Azerbaijani state;”
“Heydar Aliyev – a great politician and statesman;”
“Heydar Aliyev – the great son of the Turkic world;”
“Heydar Aliyev as a great guardian of education in Azerbaijan;”
“Heydar Aliyev – a prominent Azerbaijani.”

Armenians discuss tales of "grandma Gulzar"

Works by Gulzar Ibrahimova, under the pen name "grandma Gulzar," became a subject of discussion by the Armenians. According to the writer, her tales, verses and stories were taken from her website, translated into Russian, published on the Open Armenia Worldwide Armenian Forum website and made a subject of discussion.

«5-year-old girl at school»

The daughter of my friends prepares for school to her utmost and attends a preparatory class with that aim. Coming back home today, she told her mother what they were taught at school. The teacher conducted the third lesson with them. “The Armenians have made us unhappy and miserable. Keep that in your minds, children. Who are our enemies? That’s right, they are the Armenians. Learn it well, I will ask you at the next lesson without fail. The Armenians have slaughtered our ancestors,” the 20-year-old teacher concluded.


«Excerpt from interview with young heroine of performance within framework of youth festival on topic of patriotism»

Yes, that is my biggest wish. I would like to play the part of an Armenian woman to show the world who the Armenians are and how cruel that nation is.

« Students unable to pay publicly humiliated at Azerbaijani schools»

The amount of money to buy a present for teachers has been doubled this year. We earn 10-20 manats with difficulty to feed our family, but the headmaster is unwilling to understand it, and demands 50 manats. Those children who do not bring the money are called to the blackboard and reproached before the entire class.

«From speech of President Ilham Aliyev at opening of school №1 in city of Yevlakh»

Although the people buried there once carried out cruel actions against the Azerbaijanis, we once again showed tolerance and culture peculiar to the Azerbaijani people and in a civilized manner moved the remains buried there to another place.

«Persecution of director of Azerbaijani Theater of Young Spectators Jannat Salimova»

Jannat Salimova, chief director and head of Azerbaijan State Theater of Young Spectators, studied at the philology department of Baku State University, then at Leningrad Institute of Theater, Music and Cinematography. She is known for her stagings of works by Dostoevsky, Chekhov and other classics at theaters of Moscow, Saint Petersburg and Kiev. She is opposed by the majority of the theater’s staff at the head of stage directors Nijat Kazimov and Agalar Idrisoglu.
The main demand is to dismiss Jannat Salimova. A group of theater employees applied to the Ministry of Culture demanding to dismiss the “corrupt” chief director.
The accusation is Zionism and Armenophilia.



«Study folk tales, I am sure that they will bring many scientific discoveries»

I will explain it without fail. But at first I will provide a reasoning. Look, you say “evil.” But is she evil?  
Yes, you will say that the evil old woman sits in a hut on chicken legs, old and weak, scaring away with her unsightly look, ready to roast in an oven and eat some Ivanushka who strays to her hut. But why does she seek, all the time, to eat him? What if she is scared that he will eat her first? However, Ivanushka is originally a positive character and the tales always have a happy end – Ivanushka always prevails over Baba Yaga.  

«Internet gives Azerbaijani children access to world of sex and violence – Ministry of Internal Affairs»

Children in Azerbaijan have become widely involved in the world of sex and violence by means of the Internet. Social networks have become a communication space for young children, rather than young and middle-aged people, Huseyn Aliyev, head of the department for preventive work with juveniles of Baku Head Police Department, told the conference titled Violence against Children.


«On the trail of the beast: cruel tales for Armenian children »

It is said that tales and legends reflect the essence of the people that created them. As a rule, tales and legends reflect the notion of good and evil and the moral laws of one or another nation. In principle, all nations should have universal notions of what is good and what is bad, but the example of Armenian storytellers makes it evident – in the literal sense of the word – that these categories were and are not necessarily given a universal meaning.  As regards Armenian mythology, “my good is better, while another’s evil is worse”…

«Rich and stolen oral literature and folklore »

However, in a collection of tales published in Bulgaria it is presented as a Bulgarian folk tale. I will tell you how it happened. It is known that there were many children’s pioneer camps in the USSR. Children from every corner of the country rested there, including children from Azerbaijan. So, our children told their favorite Azerbaijani tales to their peers and friends and they, for their part, spread them in their countries.