Happy childhood in spirit of hate
Tomorrow the hatred will concern you


«Our genocide. Historical Policy and School Education in Azerbaijan»

Within this narrative, everything is fixed down to the last detail and everything is known in advance. Anything that doesn’t fit the reconstructed picture of the past is either tweaked or just ignored and rejected.


«Azerbaijani school textbooks teach love and hatred»

In the ‘90s, or even in the beginning of the 2000s, the school curricula were drawn up based on the old Soviet textbooks. Afterwards, when the Education Ministry published school textbooks using its own resources, the situation started changing. And not for the better.


«Screenshots of Azerbaijani textbooks»

Argan tree – is now demir, now temir…So, at the end of WHAT other country is the Far East?))) May it be that Azerbaijan’s borders stretch up to the mountains in the Far East?)))
Russian language textbook, 2nd grade
We think there is no need to specify the authors, they are too “famous” here.


«Nonsensicals of Ministry of Education»

The news that an Armenian soldier is presented as Azerbaijani in an Azerbaijani textbook alarmed the Ministry of Education. However, it should be mentioned that the news surprised no one and no one was sceptical to say, "How can it be, guys? It is incredible, the entire information in school textbooks is thoroughly checked."


«Azerbaijan: how history textbooks are written»

Those who write our textbooks are subject to populist moods, they present imaginary and illogical things as an indisputable fact. Political position also has a big impact on it. Textbook authors think that they serve people in this way, but they do not understand the real meaning of these words. "They are not independent," says an expert, member of a group on monitoring of textbooks published in Azerbaijan.

«Why did "the boy on a white horse" disappear?»

Educating an entire generation of children on hatred towards the Armenians, we cannot focus our entire conscious life on anti-propaganda against the enemy. For if peace comes tomorrow (taking into consideration the history, I believe in unavoidability of this perspective), we will have to try to extinguish the cherished feeling of hatred with the same zeal.


«On good-for-nothing teachers and vapid textbooks »

Not only parents, but also specialists in linguistics and pedagogy, as well as independent experts sound alarm bells. Thus, associate professor at the department of social sciences of Baku Teacher Training and Retraining Institute Aydin Aslanov said that history textbooks for secondary schools in Azerbaijani and Russian are full of semantic, scientific and technical errors.


«From mistakes in history textbooks to their Armenian interpretation»

Aslanov considers this provision in textbooks to be wrong as he rates himself among the scholars who think that the Turkic peoples have moved to the Caucasus from Altay. "We should always indicate in our textbooks that we are ancient autochthonous inhabitants of the Caucasus who later changed their language, adopted the Turkic language and became Muslim, giving up fire worship. We are not newcomers, we are locals. We should be proud that our forefather Moisey Kalankatuyski built the first ever Christian church in the East in the village of Kish, Sheki region. But for some reason we avoid speaking about our church in the 1st century BC," he added.


«Series of articles by Maryam Guneshli on level of Azerbaijani textbooks»

“During the events in Karabakh in 1992, a group of people (children, teenagers, pregnant women, old people), escaping the enemy, ran with all their strength to forests, mountains and valleys. Indicate the approximate number of these people’s heartbeats and explain the reason!”


«Workbook on patriotic education of preschool and school age children (excerpts)»

Developers: scientific and methodological department of Republican Children’s Library named after F. Kocharli and methodological department of Central Library named after S. Vurgun
Approved by Ministry of Culture and Tourism of Azerbaijan. Baku, 2009
Explanation: the textbook gives specific scenarios and recommended words and phrases put into the mouth of presenters, as well as the workbook recommends these events for children from 3 years old…


«Azerbaijani Textbooks Continue Solemn Procession»

We present you excerpts from history textbooks, unique in their form and content and, more importantly, in their scientific trustworthiness, for secondary schools, approved by the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Azerbaijan, for lower and medium grades, in particular, questions for fixing the material and right answers to these questions.