Happy childhood in spirit of hate
Tomorrow the hatred will concern you


«Game "Slaughter of the Armenians and dismemberment of Tamar"»

It is described in the book “Caucasian Days” by Banine

At first, we groundlessly accused her of killing the Tatars and happily shot her several times. We feasted our eyes upon the sight of her blood and then, to kill her by conventional method, we resurrected her, tied up her hands and legs, threw her down on the ground and first cut off her tongue and head and to show our hatred towards her Armenian body, we cut out her heart and internals and threw them to the dogs.


«Game "Armenian's heart"»

It is described in the article "Fear before the Armenians, or the nationality of a song"

Another terrible moment is the “games” conducted by teachers and kindergartners at schools and kindergartens as performances on “patriotic” theme. For instance, the bravest of the children should pull out Armenian’s heart and gift it to shahid’s mother.


«Game "Soldier and Armenian" »

It is described in the story "Spy"

Just like it is for all children these days, the favorite game of Sabina and Natik is the war game, “Armenian-soldier” in the children’s language. The reason is that this game is probably the closest to reality. Of course, these children know nothing about reality yet. But as the saying goes, “ashugh sings about what he sees.”
The game “Armenian-soldier” made its way to the kids’ lives from television, adults’ conversations, spread its roots deeply and they did not understand yet that the game would grow with them, who knows, maybe its influence would decrease, but it would never disappear, would never go away from them. The game, the product of imagination of children who are unaware of many things, did not have any special rules. According to the children, the “soldier” can only be one of “our people,” they wear a green uniform, they are friendly and brave and are afraid of no one. “Armenian” is Armenian – according to the children, he can never be a soldier. The children imagined the Armenians as long-haired, bearded, cruel and savage people.


«Children's counting-out rhyme»

Described in the story "Enmity in Azerbaijani way"

«Vay-vay soyuqdur,
Ermənilər toyuqdur.
Harada gördün erməni,
Vur başına gülləni.»
Word-for-word translation
Vay vay, it is cold,
The Armenians are hens,
Wherever you meet an Armenian,
Put a bullet through his head.