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Tomorrow the hatred will concern you

Literature (prose and poetry)

Three admonitions
By Gulzar Ibrahimova
(Story-appeal to the rising generation by Gulzar Ibrahimova, author of the tales Ilham and Fariza, Bad Neighbor, Simuzar's Revenge, etc.)

Forgive me, my grandpa, I cannot visit your grave as the land where you lie is under the enemy's heel. But wait for me, I will come without fail and save your grave from the enemy's boot! Even if it happens very late!

I heeded all of your admonitions, grandpa. You told me to respect my elders, and I did so, you told me to learn, and I did so. You said that all people are equal and told me to treat everyone with love, and I did so.

I benefited from all of your admonitions with the exception of three:

The first one says, "Even if the person opposite you is your enemy, do him so much good that out of shame he will become your friend."

The second one: "Blood is washed away not by blood, but by water."

The third one: "Always be kind to your neighbor, let your table be always laid, he who breaks bread with you will never betray you."

I carried out these three admonitions and doomed myself to grief and sorrow. I heeded your advice and forgot the past, forgave my Armenian enemy, I did him good and I broke bread with him, but it did not keep him from bearing arms against me and expelling me from my home and my homeland1.

These are the admonitions you gave me, grandpa. I did as you told me and lost the best places of my native land. I trusted my secrets to my enemy, I broke bread with him, but eventually he deported my people and made them refugees. He united with other traitors and plundered my homeland. He took away the legs and arms from the young and made them disabled. He crushed my honor and self-respect. How can I forgive my enemy, grandpa?

Don't take offence at me, grandpa! I will not pass down your admonitions to my son. I will give only three admonitions to my children.

First of all, I will say, "Rise so high with your intellect and maturity, my son, that your enemy will tremble with fear."

Then I will say, "Clear our land from the enemy, my son! Leave no inch of land to the enemy!"

I will tell my son the whole truth and will conceal nothing. I will tell him, "Learn how to distinguish between the good and the bad, my son. Remember that there are both good and bad people in every nation, but the Armenians are the only nation in the world that has no good people or only few good people.

World-famous poet Alexander Pushkin, addressing the person he disliked, said, "You are an Armenian!"2

The third and most important admonition will be the following:

"Listen and remember, my son, the Armenians are our deadly enemies. Don't leave the enemy unavenged! If you meet an Armenian, even in the most civilized country in the world, treat him like a creature that drank the blood of your people!

Never forgive your enemy! If you forgive him, the bread of the Homeland, the Father's blood and the Mother's milk will be damned to you!!!."



1 Distorted picture of the source, process and outcome of the conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan, actively developed in present-day Azerbaijan
2 Of course, Pushkin said nothing of the kind. It is a distortion, in terms of sense and form, of a quote from Pushkin's poem Tazit – with which the author is unfamiliar – widely spread in Azerbaijan.




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