Happy childhood in spirit of hate
Tomorrow the hatred will concern you

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Input data, announcement and preface of Alisahib Erogul's book Khale
By Alisahib Erogul (Israfilzade Alisahib Giyas oglu)

Khale, collected stories. Baku. Teknur, 2011

The storybook by writer and publicist Alisahib Erogul includes stories that tell about the killings and slaughter committed by Armenian Dashnak fascists against the Azerbaijani Turks, and the bloody pages absorbed by the vital memory of our people. We hope this book will help you bring up the rising generation in the spirit of love for the homeland and hatred for the enemy, and will help the readers heal the Karabakh pain.

For students of secondary schools
Teaching aid for home reading


My young friend!

Hey Azerbaijani child of the ancient and powerful Turkic nation!

A piece of your treasure by the name of Azerbaijan, from Agbaba Mahal to Aghdam region, moans under the heel of the nation that declared you its eternal and historical enemy, the nation that has no future, no morality, whose veins run a mud mixture, the nation which is gloating and contemptible.

You met face to face such a hateful enemy, which does not loathe barbarity, meanness, dirt, vandalism, hypocrisy, slander and evil, and lives and cherishes a dream to create a state of Great Armenia on the territory where it did not have a single inch of historical land, which would stretch from the Black Sea to the Caspian Sea.

It shed Turkish blood on that way and did not satiate itself.

Sometimes it demonstrated itself as a friend and gaining confidence, showed a ferocious hostility. While smiling at us, it dug a pit for us, choosing the path of treachery and betrayal.

Always, making use of our kind-heartedness, friendship, loyalty to neighbors and generosity, in one word, our philanthropy, it turned that into a weapon against us, responded to good with evil, demonstrating its insidious essence. At the very first opportunity, they drew a dagger and stabbed in the back those who sheltered them, fed, gave to drink, patronized them and extended a helping hand.

The Armenians turned us into innocent victims of ethnic cleansing policy. We became victims of genocide.

That restless nation, whose veins run satanic blood, committed countless terror acts against us.

Wagging their tail before the Russian Empire, which constantly held us under occupation, they relied on their strength and patronage. As a rule, they succeeded in isolating and desolating us. The Russian Empire, holding our hands tied for 200 years, told the Armenians, "Strike them."

The Armenians made a complete use of it, turning treachery into a national trait and going beyond all limits of unbridled impudence.

Committing aggression against us at every turn, they seized our sacred lands by parts. They chose the city of Irevan, which was Mother-Homeland to us, as their capital.

Some of the titles of stories from the teaching aid for Azerbaijani schoolchildren

  1. We will never become Armenians
  2. Will the storks come back to their nests?
  3. Recognize Armenian from a far
  4. Satan and Turk
  5. Gorge of cast bones
  6. Armenian ingratitude
  7. Armenian insidiousness
  8. Mama Gulsafa's revenge
  9. Armenian slyness
  10. Satanic shadows
  11. Bloody banner
  12. What to expect from Armenians?
  13. Khurnaz khanum and Dashnaks

Further, three more pages of contents in a similar spirit.





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