Happy childhood in spirit of hate
Tomorrow the hatred will concern you

Literature (prose and poetry)

By Khalil Rza Uluturk

Snowy Siberia,
Sunny Caucasus,
Global paradise,
Turan and Turkestan.

Grain-raising Ukraine, joyful Belarus,
Moldova, Crimea,
Vilnius, Prague,
Tallinn and Riga.

Rus1 seized all this, but had no time to swallow,
Cuckold, son of a cuckold.
They say the empire of evil has pegged out,
Shall we believe it?
If this viper2 has pegged out,
Then who stirs up Sadval against us?

Inveterate enemy of not one people, but entire world,
Mad dog with a bloody mouth – Rus,
Murderer of brave Enver3, Javad Khan4
Rus – bedding5 of the entire world.

Spit into his spiteful eyes or look with hatred!
Look, until his remains turn into dust,
Is this good-for-nothing ashamed?
He is not a man, he is Rus, Rus.
Lord of hunger and blood,
His bayonet is sharper than fire, his eyes are as cold as ice – Rus,
Even the best of them, Pushkin, wrote:
"Accept it, Caucasus, Yermolov is coming."
The idiot wrote just like this.
Who entered Kelbajar like into hell,
Into poisoned death,
Turning shells into … tanks,
If not the Russian, then who
Sowed fire and death in Geytep and Shushi?
Architect of hell,
Poison of mouths –


1 Russian
2 Russia is meant here
3 Enver Pasha, ideologist and practitioner of Pan-Turkism, serviceman, poet, and painter. He was an active participant of Young Turk Revolution of 1908, one of the leaders of Unity and Progress Young Turk party. He was a war criminal, one of the perpetrators of the 1915 Armenian Genocide
4 The last ruler of Ganja Khanate (1786-1803)
5 Literally lower cover of blanket



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