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«On Armenia and the Armenians»

From the series of aphorisms and paraphrases:
Creativity of liberal Azerbaijani edition

We liked the postscript so much that we decided to place it before the below published new Azerbaijani proverbs in the spirit of tolerance and humaneness

P.S. Unlike our neighbors, who have made Turkophobia and hatred towards us the key component of not only their policy, but also worldview, I do not have such racist views and I am far from crude hatred towards Armenia and the Armenians. My paraphrases do not have purely ethnic motivation. They are, first of all, directed against the obscurantist Armenian policy that has recently turned into an obvious anti-Turkish and anti-Azerbaijani hysteria. I offer our "wretched" neighbors to look closely into that mirror.

• • We cannot understand the Armenians with our mind
Or measure them with common yardstick,
For the Armenians have a special gist –
They all play the hypocrite!

 • People are born, while the Armenians become their kind!

The most terrible Armenians are those who pray to God.

When an Armenian has a stomachache, he blames the Turks for it as well.

The Armenians are dangerous people – they really believe in what they say.

Since the Armenians do foolish things, let them at least do it beautifully.

Armenia does not stop being a colony because it has gained independence.

The only salvation of the Armenians is to stop hoping for salvation.

Some 90 percent of the Armenians mar the reputation of the rest.

Fortunately, Armenia is too small to do big foolish things.

The Armenians are people who look with hope at the past and regret about the future.

No matter what kind of Armenia you build, it will be an Outpost.

Now it is not time to be angry with the Armenians because they say foolish words. Now it is time to prevent them from doing foolish things.

The more incredible the lie is, the easier it is for the Armenians to believe it.

History is a too serious thing to be entrusted to the Armenians.

The more changes happen in Armenia, the more everything remains as before.

Many Armenians imagine that by setting their clock ahead, they can speed up time.

Hypnotized with false views about its own good, Armenia often seeks its own destruction.

Having once proclaimed violence its method, Armenia had to inexorably choose lying as its principle.

The phenomenon of Armenian power is that out of all the bad solutions, the worst ones are chosen.

Armenian principle: if the facts do not agree with the theory, so much the worse for the facts.

If to engage the Armenians in their own affairs, they will no longer poke their nose into others’ affairs.

The Armenians need to keep their eyes open for a long time to see Ararat.

There are three ways to do something: the right way, the wrong way and the Armenian way.

The louder the Armenians repeat that they are honest, the more carefully you need to recount your tablespoons.

Many Armenian politicians have freed themselves from the chimera called conscience.

The only lesson the Armenians learn from history is that they learn no lessons from history.

Advice to the Armenians: have the courage to live with your own mind!

Facing the choice between two evils, Armenia chooses both.

Armenia has no strength – it has violence.

After starting an argument between the present and the past, Armenia discovered that it had lost the future.

Many Armenians are even ready to commit suicide so that the world will believe in the genocide.

Paradox of Armenian demography: the number of genocide victims increases year after year.

Credo of the great powers: why should we bark when there is Armenian lobby?

Credo of the great powers: if Armenia did not exist, it would need to be invented!

Treachery is Armenia’s national industry.

The Armenians are my friends, but the truth is a better friend!

Said Elturan