Happy childhood in spirit of hate
Tomorrow the hatred will concern you


Mozalan Bek's journey (Ordubad, 1909)
By Ghurbanali Sharifov

Yesterday I visited the Armenian village of Aylis located nearby. And what did I see?

It seems that even fools would be stupefied. First of all, I would like to say that the village is like a well-groomed district of Tbilisi. Beautiful mansions, clean streets, many big and beautiful bridges, a great number of schools, libraries, reading halls, enlightenment buildings and constructions with an amazing decoration. I swear by Allah, I froze1 .

People are absolutely unrecognizable – they look like as if they have just arrived from France, their clothes, behavior, impeccable cleanliness (by cleanliness, I mean people’s appearance, don’t imagine anything different). Indeed, I was astonished.

Returning from Aylis to Ordubad, I again saw people saying a prayer in one of the houses and Muslims, gathered there, crying.

I very much wanted to ask them: ay balam, why are you crying? What is wrong again?

Or have you understood in good time that our neighbors, armed with enlightenment, will come here, seize your property and turn you into their servants?

And let no one say that this is not true. Focusing, even if a little, on the history of world culture, everyone will understand that this is exactly what will happen in the end.

"Molla Nasreddin" magazine 7 Jule 1909..

Ордубад и Агулис

1withered in amazement – translator's note




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