Happy childhood in spirit of hate
Tomorrow the hatred will concern you


How we do things
By Uzeir Hajibekov

We forget this when getting down to business.
What is this?
This is a ladder!

A ladder? What is ladder?
Ladder is a piece of equipment by means of which a person can gradually climb up. Anyone who will try to climb up without a ladder will fall down and knock his forehead.

The reason is the following:
While our neighbors were doing things the size of a mouse, we were sleeping. Then their things grew to the size of a goat, but we were sleeping. Then they started doing things the size of a donkey, but we were still sleeping. In the meantime, our neighbors’ things moved forward and grew as big as a buffalo, but we were sleeping. When the buffalo turned into a camel, we were still sleeping. We woke up only when our neighbors started doing things the size of an elephant.

Rubbing our sleepy eyes open, we said: so what? We also can do things of this size, and we started doing things beginning from elephant.

How did it all end?

This is how it ended:
Leaving unfinished even one leg of the elephant, we get tired and escape (give it up). Then we feel ashamed and say, “Let us start it again,” but soon we realize that it is beyond our powers.

Then we say, “Let us do something smaller.” What is smaller than elephant? Of course camel.

We make a decision and get down to work. But again, leaving unfinished even one leg of the camel, we get tired and give it up.

Then we again collect ourselves and say that camel is too big, let us do something smaller. And what is smaller than camel?

Buffalo. We try to start, but we do not have strength even for buffalo. We go down even lower (while our neighbors have already gone up higher than elephant). We say, “Let us do things the size of a donkey.” But this also turns out to be beyond our powers. We catch at goat. We see that we fail to do it, either. Then we direct our thoughts to things the size of a mouse. But you see, we become something like cat and eat the mouse!...

This is how we do things.