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Nations stimulating us to gain victories
By Shabnam Kheyrulla

«An international youth festival will be held in Turkey in the coming months and my friend, a Culture and Art University student, will participate in the youth festival as part of the Azerbaijani delegation. In response to my question about how they assess their chances of winning the festival, she said, «They say that the Armenians will also participate in the festival, therefore we are not interested in winning. We just want to perform no worse than the Armenians. There is nothing else I think about. Our teachers also told us, “You may not return if you perform worse than the Armenians»».

Yes, for some reason, all our wins and successes are measured by a single criterion – to be higher than an Armenian is. In any kind of tournament or championship, we rejoice heartily at our sportsmen’s victories only when their rival was an Armenian. I assure you that the victory of our boxer over an Armenian in 1/8 final makes us much happier than the champion’s title of another boxer who won the gold medal without Armenian rivals. Such victories are marked with grandiose and pompous titles in the mass media: «Azerbaijani brings Armenian sportsman to his knees», «Another Armenian defeated utterly», «Armenians leave arena in tears», etc.

There was a similar situation regarding our victory at Eurovision Song Contest. We were happy about the fact that the Armenians failed to reach the final, rather than about the victory of our participants. In other words, we were happier about the thought that the Armenians did not reach the final than about the victory of our performers over dozens of other rivals.

After returning from competitions, our culinary experts and cooks say with unconcealed pride, “The dish I prepared turned out to be tastier than the Armenian concoction.” Our musicians say, coming back from a tour or concert, “I performed so nicely and perfectly that the Armenians did not dare to go on stage after me.”

The only thing our scientists, as a rule, speak about after symposia and conferences is how much their speech scared the Armenians. Even our officials and representatives of top state departments, while presenting statistical data and figures, certainly compare them with the analogous indices of the Armenians. And this list can be continued long.

We have become so much addicted to our wish to “be higher than an Armenian” that involuntarily it seems to us that we as if swear by the Armenian’s intellect, power, talent, capabilities and might. For we want to see ourselves as the winners of the rival which is the most powerful and mighty in our eyes.

In short, all our activities, all our life is devoted to one criterion – to be higher than an Armenian is. No, this is not "Armenophobia," as our enemies claim. In my opinion, it is a subconscious attempt to fill the emptiness of absence of real victories over the enemy.

In all probability, we will still long be satisfying ourselves with celebrations of imaginary victories because of the absence of real victories in the war for Karabakh.

P.S. The other day, I read a report in an online portal, titled “Our boxers defeat the French utterly.” Reading the text, I learnt about some victory of our boxer over a sportsman from France at some tournament.

In the comments to the news report, I saw enchanting joy of ordinary Azerbaijani citizens for the victory over pro-Armenian French. I also rejoiced. No, not for the victory, but for the fact that besides the Armenians, the French have now also joined the list of nations stimulating us to gain victories.




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