Happy childhood in spirit of hate
Tomorrow the hatred will concern you


Armenians and Muslims
By Fahreddin Hajibeyli

Why are we defeated all the time?

Don’t take offense at anyone else but YOURSELVES, boycott yourselves.

No one is crazy about the black eyebrows and black eyes of the Armenians. They have reached the present day after decades of hard work. Let us admit that they are our enemies, let us scold and curse them, but for the sake of justice, let us recognize their right to all their victories as it has been achieved with intellect and foresight.

The Armenians once appeared in France, received education there and stayed in that country.

At the same time, our grandfathers saved some money through theft or in an honest way, went to Meshkhed, Karbala and Mecca1won the “titles” of “Meshadi,” “Karbalai” and “Haji”2and stroking their long grown beards, returned to their villages and lived in sweet dreams for the rest of their lives.

They were indifferent to what was going on in the world, as the people say, they did not interfere “either in the thick or in the thin.” Our sayings bear evidence of it: “Eat rich food and sleep well”3, “Let the whole world go to ruin, but my hay would not be burned,” “I have nothing to give and nothing to be taken,” etc. If the misfortune passed by him and befell his brother, it looked like that the misfortune had hit an old “chuval”4for straw. His heart did not ache at the sight of the aching hearts.

After coming back from the “holy journey,” they became incontestable authorities in their land and God forbid if someone said a word against them. Our “faithful” grandfathers never agreed that their beloved children, living among gavurs, would do “haram”5things, that is, education and science, as the Christians engaged in it.

They preferred sending their children to “immaculate” mollakhana6 6, where they studied the “halal”7“Quran,” “Gulustan” and “Bustan.” They told the mollah, “I only wish he did well! The meat will be yours and mine will be the bones, ay mollah.” In this way, they fundamentally destroyed any kind of craving for knowledge and sciences and the children grew up as devoted “fedais of faith”8.

So, the roots of why we toady to the Armenians lie not in the present. They go deep down. My grandfather was worried about where to hide me so as not to send me to “ishkola”9. In the meantime, the grandfathers of Hakob and Vazgen10, were thinking about where, to which higher education institution to send their grandchildren so that they could get quality education. This is where lies the foundation of the reasons why we toady to the Armenians…

While Hakob’s grandfather was teaching his grandchild sciences, my grandfather was teaching me the “science” of how to do “sunnet namaz”11, enticing me by saying that it would determine how many houris would be pleasing me in paradise. My grandfather himself, as Mirza Jalil12, said, went to listen to dervish’s tales, organize cockfights, smother dogs and relax in a “hamam”13.

So, our grandfathers lived such a “nice” life and prepared the same kind of life for us, children.

What is there in those damned profane Armenians who eat pork? So what that they are spread all over the world, that they are everywhere and their word passes everywhere? So what that they have ties in Frangistans-Mrangistans14and it is easier to believe them?

We also have a majestic source of science and knowledge – our religion, we have honor and ambitions, we have the highest flagstaff, we have wild Kur, we have majestic Kapaz15, we have a capital that looks like Naples, we have a land with countless riches, we have a sunny country where summer lasts nine months, we have ancient historical traditions, we are the ummah16of Muhammad and the shia of Ali. Can there be a greater happiness than this?

I remember until now the bitter words of Mirza Jalil when he unsuccessfully tried to raise funds for the publication of the first issue of the magazine in his native language in Tiflis.

“At that time (Molla Nasreddin magazine, 1906) there were two censorship specialists in the printing department in Tiflis, in the Turkic language sector, and both of them were Armenian.”

Just like this, my friends.

For the most part, we considered magazines and newspapers as unnecessary and only few people began to realize the significance of the printed word, while the Armenians, with “scissors” in their hands, censored and ran the publication of our magazines.

How did it happen? Did they push away the Muslims and forcibly sit “at the head of the table”? Of course not.

The Armenian fathers did not hide their children among bricks of dry dung17,

in order not to send them to “ishkola.” The Armenian fathers did not divide science and education into “haram” and “halal,” they did not declare blasphemous the sciences that revived the entire world and boosted its progress, they did not hammer into their children’s heads, under the guise of enlightenment, sadomasochist and unreal stories sowing malice and hatred. They did not dilute the children’s heads and did not turn them into pitiable and wretched creatures.
It was not they who were begged to send their children to school, it was not their doors that were knocked, with the significance and necessity of education and science being explained. They realized it long before the Russians appeared here. 

Now, let us say in all fairness who is more worthy of victories. They or we?


1 Islamic religious centers
2 "Meshadi," "Karbalai" and "Haji" are honorary titles given to a Muslim who made a pilgrimage to the above mentioned cities
3 Word-for-word translation
4 Chuval – sack
5 Haram – disgrace, disgraceful, dishonorable, sin, sinful
6 School at a mosque that primarily teaches the fundamentals of writing and theology
7 Halal – honorable, worthy, pure
8 Fighters of faith
9 School
10 Armenian male names
11 A type of divine service from the series of non-obligatory prayers
12Jalil Huseyngulu oglu Mammadguluzadeh – Azerbaijani enlightener and satirist
13 Public baths
14 Here – "Frances-Mrances"
15 Mountain in Azerbaijan, 3,066 meters above the sea level
16 Society, community
17 Case described in literature by Mirza Jalil



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