Happy childhood in spirit of hate
Tomorrow the hatred will concern you

Fairy tales

Goose and pigeon
(tale for pre-school and primary school-age children)

By Aygun Bal
Edited by Mirza Yusif
Painting by Yaver Asadov
Design by Gular Sadikhzade
Executive editor Chingiz Eyubogli

Address to the reader: “My most cherished dream is to see our kids clever and happy. From the very first day of my literary activities, I have written many tales, stories and fables for pre-school and primary school-age children. I rejoice every time I meet kids during my frequent visits to bookstores. I am hopeful that our kids will like my Story of Goose and Pigeon on domestic theme, written in verse, and that it will play a role in their moral and esthetic upbringing.”

Below we publish the scan of the illustrated children’s book about the suddenly born great love of the young Pigeon for the money of the mature and married Goose.

Summary: When the Goose started showing attention to the Pigeon, the young Pigeon began playing hard to get, acting up, but soon she agreed to close relationship. Visits to restaurants, gifts, binge and fun every day.
But one day the Goose’s wife learned about the young Pigeon and gave her a thrashing in public. All birds gathered to look at the scandal: the Goose’s wife threatened the Pigeon to cut off her tongue.

The gentle Pigeon answered coyly that she is just a small bird and she cannot fight, besides, she said that “I am a pigeon – symbol of peace.”

In the end, the disgraced and humiliated Pigeon hid in her nest and never came out of it again.




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