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Armenians discuss tales of "grandma Gulzar"

Works by Gulzar Ibrahimova, under the pen name "grandma Gulzar," became a subject of discussion by the Armenians. According to the writer, her tales, verses and stories were taken from her website, translated into Russian, published on the Open Armenia Worldwide Armenian Forum website and made a subject of discussion.

In the forum, Mrs Ibrahimova was compared with Clara Zetkin,  was called a chauvinist and her tales were called a propaganda against the entire Armenian people.

However, Gulzar Ibrahimova stated that she did not run down the entire people1, , she simply called on the children to be vigilant and keep away from the Armenians as far as possible2:

- "In my works, I conceal many of the things the Armenians3 have done. Because what they have done cannot fit into one's mind and match the notion of man. Wars can change the borders, not humaneness. In the far and recent past, calls for peace and humaneness by the great Nizami Ganjavi, Fizuli, Hovhannes Tumanyan, Avetik Isahakyan and Shota Rustaveli were and are accepted with love by the peoples of the world. But the bad ones were erased from earth…"

Gulzar Ibrahimova was born in "Zangezur mahal," in the village of Aldere, Meghri region. In 2004-2011, she was the chief editor of BALA DILI magazine. Currently, she is chairwoman of board of Magical World public association of children's education. She is also the chief editor of Magical World children's magazine.



2 It is the case when the Azerbaijani proverb says: "Pox deyil, babam sıçıb».
3 Literally – brought upon our heads