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The publication of the story Love of Ermen – Shushanik by Mahir Gabiloglu, as it turned out, a popular Azerbaijani writer, on our website was followed by an immediate reaction from portal:

The Armenians took Mahir Gabiloglu's story from website

Writer Mahir Gabiloglu, who in a short time became popular in the field of literature and published a new book, Love of Ermen – Shushanik, attracted the interest of the Armenians as well.
Thus, after the writer’s story was published on our website, the Armenian website, with reference to our website, translated and published the story.
We would remind you that the story artistically describes the insidiousness of Armenian women. It is surprising that the Armenians took an interest in this very story, translated it into Russian and Armenian and published.
In this connection, we asked Mahir Gabiloglu to make a comment and express his opinion:

– It was a surprise to me. In all probability, we hit the mark because they took it and translated it.

From the editorial staff:

We regret to say that we are not familiar with other works of the author, but if in them also the author sows Armenophobia by artistic means, we would be grateful for the links. We will translate and publish them on our website.

Civilized societies do not understand and do not accept the notion of “collective responsibility” and they can’t understand how and on what basis representatives of an entire ethnos can be insidious (kind, evil and of any other kind). But they are well aware that it is inadmissible to spread xenophobia and fuel interethnic hostility and therefore, they should not stay unaware – Azerbaijan propagates absolutely inadmissible values at all levels.

As regards the commentary of the author, we do not know what aim he pursued by publishing his story.
However, we have achieved our aim completely – thanks to you, Mahir, we have an opportunity to show the world tolerant Azerbaijan from the seamy side, the way it is in reality.

By the way, it is noteworthy that following, with the aim of popularizing the current propaganda and spreading Armenophobia in Azerbaijan, the story was quickly translated and published on other Russian-language portals of Azerbaijan, и