Happy childhood in spirit of hate
Tomorrow the hatred will concern you



From the article-reflection of activist of Nida youth movement Umud Khazar

I remember that as a child, under the influence of an absurd propaganda, I imagined the Armenians as one-eyed Cyclops, cannibals with long beards, with inventive parents frightening their children who did not want to sleep not with bogeyman stories, but with … the Armenians, and it has not changed so far. Those living with a dream about war measure their manliness with the degree of demonstration of hatred for the Armenians…


Video of teacher beating students in one of regions in Azerbaijan posted on the web

A video showing a teacher beating students in one of Azerbaijan's schools has been posted on YouTube, reports. The person who posted the video says it has been shot in one of the schools of Agstafa region. We would like to mention that the video was posted on YouTube on November 29.


Students are put in the pillory

It remains an open question how the honored teacher of Azerbaijan allowed the children to be humiliated like this at the school entrusted to her. Why did she allow the children to be standing during two lessons instead of sitting in the classroom and having their lesson? Should trifling late arrival be punished so cruelly?


Poem "Rus" (Russian)

Spit into his spiteful eyes or look with hatred!
Look, until his remains turn into dust,
Is this good-for-nothing ashamed?
He is not a man, he is Rus, Rus.


Story "Lynch"

– "Elnara was also abducted."
It was usual news in the village. It was the second case of abduction of a girl in the small village in the past week. But this case was different.
Unlike most of other girls, Elnara was abducted against her will, in the morning, in broad daylight, in front of the people's eyes, in spite of her heartrending cries. She was pushed into a car and driven away. The people gathered at my aunt's place were discussing the incident...


"Criminal leaders" emerge among street children in Baku

According to the State Committee for Family, Women and Children Affairs, the age of working children in Azerbaijan is 12-14 for boys and 12-16 for girls. 98 percent of street children do not go to school. These children are a potential object for crimes such as child trafficking and sexual exploitation. Despite the existence of a number of state programs aimed at social rehabilitation of neglected children, no fundamental improvement is noticeable so far.


What does the Azerbaijani intelligentsia think about website?

"The dishonest Armenians, dying of hunger, did a huge work. Look, from our classics to modern writer-publicists, they included everything and put it to the service of their own ideology and propaganda. The translations are high quality. The reason that our neighbors surpassed us again is that we do not have any high-level children's websites. I regret very much that the first one who sounded the alarm was a female writer and not the Writers Union of Azerbaijan that preferred keeping silent."


On Armenia and Armenians. New Azerbaijani proverbs

Unlike our neighbors, who have made Turkophobia and hatred towards us the key component of not only their policy, but also worldview, I do not have such racist views and I am far from crude hatred towards Armenia and the Armenians. My paraphrases do not have purely ethnic motivation. They are, first of all, directed against the obscurantist Armenian policy that has recently turned into an obvious anti-Turkish and anti-Azerbaijani hysteria. I offer our "wretched" neighbors to look closely into that mirror.


7-year-old boy raped at internet café in Baku

"Of course, we feel sorry for the child, but in this case part of the blame lies on his parents who are quiet about the fact that their child sits at an internet café until one o'clock in the morning playing computer games. A child should be in bed by ten o'clock in the evening and not hang about the streets without control…," Nasimi District Police Department said.


123456789 Website is a collection of modern Azerbaijani literature for children.

Here is a literature, recognized as "a model modern alternating literary works for children" and "designed to educate the children for patriotism, honesty, integrity and purity of the soul." Many samples are included in the tutorials for students of Pedagogical University, as well as in the school curriculum.

All the materials - fairy tales, short stories, poetry, publicism, children's drawings, songs belong too Azerbaijani authors and are taken from open Azerbaijani sources and in Azeri language, which are attached .

Behests to Azerbaijani children

"... This is restless nation, in whose veins flows the blood of Satan...n ..."
"... We hope that the book will be a good helper in the education of rising generation in the spirit of love of country and hatred of enemy ..."
"...of the Nation which has no future, with a dead morality, which flows in the veins of every kind of slop mixture nation malevolent and despicable ..."
"... The conscious man will never allow himself to blame the whole nation. In my writings I just urge the children of my people to be vigilant and stay away from the Armenians ..."
"... Do these children know the true essence of the Armenians, whom they would like to shoot in their heads, and do they know what the Armenians have done? ..."
"... And all this comes from their (Armenians) filthy and disgusting nature ..."
"... Armenians used to live in filth and dirt ..."
"... Armenians are beasts, son - said grandfather ...."
"... As for your question, yes, if by strangling my baby I bring a benefit to my homeland, if my friends, my countrymen stay alive, then why not to kill him? ..."
"... Yes, it is my greatest wish. I would like to play the role of an Armenian woman in oreder to show the whole world who the Armenians are, what a cruel nation they are ..."
"... Learn to distinguish the good from the bad my son. And remember there are good and bad things in every nation. The Armenians, however, are the only nation in the world that have no good things at all, or if they even have then they are very few ..."
"... My Young friend! Do not forget that the Armenian nation is made of dough kneaded by crafty designs and intrigues, the yeast is made of evil and lies, their nature is of slander and meanness ..."
"... The Armenian barbarism, the Armenian vandalism, the Armenian savagery and the Armenian brutality are at the basis of the Armenian nature ..."