Happy childhood in spirit of hate
Tomorrow the hatred will concern you


Story "Mother Azerbaijan and Cat Ermenistan"

When the children are not at home, I try to secretly take revenge on YEREVAN. But the keen-witted cat always hides. It seems that it is aware of the plan of hatred I have in my mind. It does not care a straw since it has such friends as America, Russia and Iran. These friends fondle the cat, spoil and kiss it so that it makes me sick to see it.

Poem "Ahriman of the globe"

Hey Armenian, hey thug,
Devil, Shaitan, say who you are.
Ahriman of the globe,
Hey crafty provoker,
Butcher, criminal,
Isn't the shed blood enough?
Isn't the slaughter over?

Tale "Innocent old woman and insidious Siranush"

That old dumb woman, 80-85 of age, was once found by associates – Siranush and dervish. When the guard came to the old woman, she did not understand what was going on, thinking that the shah sent people to help her as the wheat remained unharvested in the field because of her weakness. The guards seized the old woman and ordered her to show the field and soon, exactly in the place which the dervish indicated, they found an entrance to the dungeon.

Poem "Still a small child"

Thank goodness we are not Armenians to educate our son (before he even opens his eyes).
Take a look at our much-praised beanpole son-in-law.
He grinded away at his lessons at school, but what can you expect from him?!
No, I will not let you teach the baby! He is still a small child!
Let our little son use bad language, he is still a small child!


Poem "Satiric poem"

You shall have your eyes put out, villain mother:
What loving mother
Would throw her child into the fire of hell?!
May God punish you!

Excerpts from Workbook on Patriotic Education of Preschool and School Age Children

Developers: scientific and methodological department of Republican Children’s Library named after F. Kocharli and methodological department of Central Library named after S. Vurgun
Approved by Ministry of Culture and Tourism of Azerbaijan. Baku, 2009
Explanation: the textbook gives specific scenarios and recommended words and phrases put into the mouth of presenters, as well as the workbook recommends these events for children from 3 years old…

Story "Forgive me, my Sona"

Akhad's voice came from a distance: "Forgive me, my Sona! Forgive me!"
Fishers who went into the sea in the early morning noticed the black silhouette of a man on the shore, but no one was surprised as everyone knew that it was the half-witted Akhad, who lost his mind after killing his daughter…


From speech of President Ilham Aliyev at opening of school №1 in city of Yevlakh

I have repeatedly said that the present-day Armenia, territory named on the map as Republic of Armenia, is a primordial Azerbaijani land. This is a truth. Of course, Zangezur and Irevan khanate are our lands!

Song "Javab ver" – "Answer"

So that the dirty Armenians
Will not walk on the roads where there is water,
So that their feet will not defile
Our lakes and springs,
And so that the Muslims will not stain themselves
With the dirty gavurs.

Reflections "Armenians and Muslims"

No one is crazy about the black eyebrows and black eyes of the Armenians. They have reached the present day after decades of hard work. Let us admit that they are our enemies, let us scold and curse them, but for the sake of justice, let us recognize their right to all their victories as it has been achieved with intellect and foresight.

123456789 Website is a collection of modern Azerbaijani literature for children.

Here is a literature, recognized as "a model modern alternating literary works for children" and "designed to educate the children for patriotism, honesty, integrity and purity of the soul." Many samples are included in the tutorials for students of Pedagogical University, as well as in the school curriculum.

All the materials - fairy tales, short stories, poetry, publicism, children's drawings, songs belong too Azerbaijani authors and are taken from open Azerbaijani sources and in Azeri language, which are attached .

Behests to Azerbaijani children

"... This is restless nation, in whose veins flows the blood of Satan...n ..."
"... We hope that the book will be a good helper in the education of rising generation in the spirit of love of country and hatred of enemy ..."
"...of the Nation which has no future, with a dead morality, which flows in the veins of every kind of slop mixture nation malevolent and despicable ..."
"... The conscious man will never allow himself to blame the whole nation. In my writings I just urge the children of my people to be vigilant and stay away from the Armenians ..."
"... Do these children know the true essence of the Armenians, whom they would like to shoot in their heads, and do they know what the Armenians have done? ..."
"... And all this comes from their (Armenians) filthy and disgusting nature ..."
"... Armenians used to live in filth and dirt ..."
"... Armenians are beasts, son - said grandfather ...."
"... As for your question, yes, if by strangling my baby I bring a benefit to my homeland, if my friends, my countrymen stay alive, then why not to kill him? ..."
"... Yes, it is my greatest wish. I would like to play the role of an Armenian woman in oreder to show the whole world who the Armenians are, what a cruel nation they are ..."
"... Learn to distinguish the good from the bad my son. And remember there are good and bad things in every nation. The Armenians, however, are the only nation in the world that have no good things at all, or if they even have then they are very few ..."
"... My Young friend! Do not forget that the Armenian nation is made of dough kneaded by crafty designs and intrigues, the yeast is made of evil and lies, their nature is of slander and meanness ..."
"... The Armenian barbarism, the Armenian vandalism, the Armenian savagery and the Armenian brutality are at the basis of the Armenian nature ..."