Happy childhood in spirit of hate
Tomorrow the hatred will concern you


Note "5-year-old girl at school"

"The Armenians have made us unhappy and miserable. Keep that in your minds, children. Who are our enemies? That's right, they are the Armenians. Learn it well, I will ask you at the next lesson without fail. The Armenians have slaughtered our ancestors," the 20-year-old teacher concluded.

Excerpt from publication "Explanations for little Fidan"

The child's unexpected question made me think. For there was no talk about the Armenians. She was watching TV and I was looking through her favorite tales. I read a tale to her every evening before she went to sleep.

Essay "Nations stimulating us to gain victories"

Yes, for some reason, all our wins and successes are measured by a single criterion – to be higher than an Armenian. In any kind of tournament or championship, we rejoice heartily at our sportsmen's victories only when their rival was an Armenian. I assure you that the victory of our boxer over an Armenian in 1/8 final makes us much happier than the champion's title of another boxer…

Essay "Shabnam's thoughts about Armenians"

I don't know what the secret is, but every time the Armenians carry out another plot, we remember the long forgotten events and historical facts come to mind, those that seemingly we should not have forgotten. Sometimes, in bewilderment, I want to say "thank you very much" to the Armenians.

Category "Violence against children"

Mehman Gojayev, 39-year-old resident of the village of Aslanoba, Khachmaz region, who raped his two underage daughters, repents of his deed. Speaking to an ANS TV correspondent, to justify his deed, he said that he had committed violence against his daughters in a drunken state.

Review "Persecution of director of Azerbaijani Theater of Young Spectators Jannat Salimova"

Jannat Salimova is known for her stagings of works by Dostoevsky, Chekhov and other classics at theaters of Moscow, Saint Petersburg and Kiev. She is opposed by the majority of the theater’s staff at the head of stage directors Nijat Kazimov and Agalar Idrisoglu.
The main demand is to dismiss Jannat Salimova.
The accusation is Zionism and Armenophilia.

Interview "Study folk tales, I am sure that they will bring many scientific discoveries"

I think it is difficult to name something else that could characterize a people better than tales and proverbs because they reflect all the wisdom of the people and the knowledge of life gained for centuries.

"Proverbs and sayings"

Original: Ləzgi nədir, güzgü nədir?
Translation: Где лезгин, где зеркало?

Poem "Oh Khojaly!"

They bled white the religion of Islam,
Mercilessly put out the eyes and brains…

"Internet gives Azerbaijani children access to world of sex and violence – Ministry of Internal Affairs"

184 crimes related to violence against children were recorded in Baku in 2011. Out of them, 44 were related to beating, 21 to sexual relationship with underage persons and other sexual assaults, 34 to road accidents, 14 to hooliganism, 10 to intentional infliction of harm to health, etc.
123456789 Website is a collection of modern Azerbaijani literature for children.

Here is a literature, recognized as "a model modern alternating literary works for children" and "designed to educate the children for patriotism, honesty, integrity and purity of the soul." Many samples are included in the tutorials for students of Pedagogical University, as well as in the school curriculum.

All the materials - fairy tales, short stories, poetry, publicism, children's drawings, songs belong too Azerbaijani authors and are taken from open Azerbaijani sources and in Azeri language, which are attached .

Behests to Azerbaijani children

"... This is restless nation, in whose veins flows the blood of Satan...n ..."
"... We hope that the book will be a good helper in the education of rising generation in the spirit of love of country and hatred of enemy ..."
"...of the Nation which has no future, with a dead morality, which flows in the veins of every kind of slop mixture nation malevolent and despicable ..."
"... The conscious man will never allow himself to blame the whole nation. In my writings I just urge the children of my people to be vigilant and stay away from the Armenians ..."
"... Do these children know the true essence of the Armenians, whom they would like to shoot in their heads, and do they know what the Armenians have done? ..."
"... And all this comes from their (Armenians) filthy and disgusting nature ..."
"... Armenians used to live in filth and dirt ..."
"... Armenians are beasts, son - said grandfather ...."
"... As for your question, yes, if by strangling my baby I bring a benefit to my homeland, if my friends, my countrymen stay alive, then why not to kill him? ..."
"... Yes, it is my greatest wish. I would like to play the role of an Armenian woman in oreder to show the whole world who the Armenians are, what a cruel nation they are ..."
"... Learn to distinguish the good from the bad my son. And remember there are good and bad things in every nation. The Armenians, however, are the only nation in the world that have no good things at all, or if they even have then they are very few ..."
"... My Young friend! Do not forget that the Armenian nation is made of dough kneaded by crafty designs and intrigues, the yeast is made of evil and lies, their nature is of slander and meanness ..."
"... The Armenian barbarism, the Armenian vandalism, the Armenian savagery and the Armenian brutality are at the basis of the Armenian nature ..."